3 former CYC Players in Final Four

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Three former CYC athletes will be playing in the Final Four of Division 1 Men's Volleyball tournament starting Thursday, May 5th and concluding Saturday May 7th.  Those players, as pictured above from left to right are: Murphy Troy, Kevin Heine and Anthony "Pete" Hock.  Murphy plays for the USC Trojans, while Kevin and Pete are Buckeyes at the Ohio State University.  All three players played high school volleyball at St. Louis University High School.  Murphy played CYC sports at Mary Queen of Peace, Kevin played CYC for St. Margaret of Scotland and Pete played his CYC sports at St. David. 

Murphy Troy has just been named the American Volleyball Coaches Association Player of the Year.  Joseph D'Hippolito wrote an article on Murphy that appeared in the May 5th Post-Dispatch.  In the article he mentions playing at Mary Queen of Peace.  If you would like to read the article, you can click here.

Good Luck to all 3 players and thanks for being role models for all CYC players!